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High-risk oncogenic HPV: what is the danger?
An ordinary wart and a malignant tumor - what do they have in common? No, no, a wart will not degenerate into cancer. However, there is something that unites them…

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Can a cold be cured in one day?
No one is safe from colds. And for some reason, she always catches up with us at the wrong time: before a responsible exam, on the eve of an important…

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Why does genital herpes appear
There are diseases that are simply not accepted to speak out loud. They are ashamed to go to the doctor and live very uncomfortable. It is this pathology that is…

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Frambesia or “tropical syphilis” – what is it and what is dangerous

Frambesia is an infectious disease that affects the skin, cartilage and bones. It is caused by the bacterium Treponema pertenue. This is a subspecies of spirochetes belonging to the same species as Treponema pallidum – a pale spirochete, the causative agent of a sexually transmitted disease – syphilis. But unlike the latter, frambesia is not sexually transmitted, therefore it is sometimes called a type of non-venereal syphilis and is assigned to the group of treponematoses.

This disease is characteristic of tropical countries with a humid, hot climate, so its other name is tropical syphilis. Frambesia is also known as pian, tropical granuloma, tropical polypapilloma.

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How to get rid of barley in the eye

If at the word “barley” the imagination draws a picture of an eared field, then you are very lucky. So, you have never encountered an unpleasant and painful pathology in your eyes. Unfortunately, not all people are among such lucky ones. Some were able to fully experience how painful a cold in the eye, called barley.

Briefly about pathology
The inflammatory process affecting the mucous membrane of the eyelid is commonly called barley. Pathology received such a specific name for its appearance. Inflammation really resembles a small cereal grain. Several seals may appear on one eye at once. But most often only one barley pops up. Continue reading

Is there any benefit in canned foods?

Canning as a method of procuring food for a long time was invented back in 1809 by the French chef François Uper. Such blanks immediately attracted attention and firmly entered into human life.

Today it is difficult to imagine how you can do without a crispy cucumber or pickled tomato, without mouth-watering jam and delicious jam. Meanwhile, many people consider canned goods to be dangerous products and strongly recommend abandoning them. So, what are canned food, what is their benefit and what is the harm.

The main complaints about canned foods
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From frost to heat: what is the danger of a sharp temperature drop

Facial redness
As is known from physics, in the cold, the vessels narrow and in the heat, on the contrary, expand. Thisexplains the redness of the skin. Blush all over the cheek that appears after frost, it seems, should not upset us. Worse, when the nose turns red – it is ugly, but not only. The fact is that such sharp jumps in temperature are a risk factor for rosacea – a disease associated with loss of elasticity in capillaries. As a result of this, microcirculation is disturbed, the nutrition of the skin is deteriorating, the networks of blood vessels, asterisks appear on it.

Nose snot
Such a flow from the nose represents the protection of the body from microbes and the restoration of the normal functioning of this organ. Our nasal cavity is usually wet, covered with mucus, which collects dust and pathogenic microbes, without passing them into the body. Then all this dirt is removed by cilia, which constantly oscillate in the direction of exit from the nose. At low temperatures, the vessels in the nose narrow, the mucous membrane of the nose dries up, the movement of the cilia slows down. In the warmth, the vessels expand, a secret is produced (those same snot), which moisturizes the mucous membrane and removes “debris” from the nose – after all, in the cold, the nose cleaning system worked half-heartedly. Usually snot stops after 10-15 minutes. Continue reading

How to cure a cold?

There is probably no person who would not have a cold. Runny nose, cough, headache – these symptoms are known to everyone. Of course, the peak of colds occurs in the fall, but summer colds are not such a rare occurrence. It seems, how can one get sick when there is such heat on the street? But it’s very simple: you’re hot, thirsty and now you swallow ice coke in one gulp. Or turn on the air conditioner at full power. Or open all the windows in the car and enjoy the headwind blowing around your hot face. And now it is stuffed up in my throat, drunk in my nose – it’s a cold. And instead of going to the beach or the forest on weekends, you have to lie at home in bed and swallow medicines.

Why did it happen? After all, others drink cold water and sit on the drafts – and nothing, healthy, no Continue reading

Unusual Diseases: Water Cancer
Water cancer has nothing to do with oncology, although this disease is no less severe and dangerous. Water cancer is an old name, as well as anton fire face. Now…


Unusual Diseases: Water Cancer
Water cancer has nothing to do with oncology, although this disease is no less severe and dangerous. Water cancer is an old name, as well as anton fire face. Now…


Rubella and pregnancy: what is the danger?
Despite the fact that rubella belongs to the so-called childhood infections and children under 8–9 years of age are affected by it, adults also suffer from the disease. In them,…


Going to the toilet: norms and deviations
The human body is a complex mechanism that functions according to its own regime. Some people have the urge to urinate 4-5 times a day. Others - rush to the…