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Is there any benefit in canned foods?

Canning as a method of procuring food for a long time was invented back in 1809 by the French chef François Uper. Such blanks immediately attracted attention and firmly entered into human life.

Today it is difficult to imagine how you can do without a crispy cucumber or pickled tomato, without mouth-watering jam and delicious jam. Meanwhile, many people consider canned goods to be dangerous products and strongly recommend abandoning them. So, what are canned food, what is their benefit and what is the harm.

The main complaints about canned foods
Many people are very belligerent about canned foods. They sincerely believe that such products are not part of a proper and healthy diet. So, you need to abandon it.

The main claims to canned food are made in the following points:

preservative content;
lack of vitamins;
high concentrations of salt, sugar;
lack of benefit.
Such claims have led to the strong belief that canned food is harmful. Nutritionists are less categorical. They argue that any product, including canned food, can be both harmful and healthy.
Canned foods: benefits and harms
So who is right? Are canned foods really so harmful that they should be completely excluded from the diet? Nutritionists strongly recommend not to do this, of course, if such a refusal is not dictated by the diet prescribed by the doctor.

There is an opinion that preservatives are part of canned food. It is a myth. Home and industrial workpieces are well stored not due to the addition of preservatives, but due to sufficient sterilization.
The benefits of canned food
According to experts, canned goods have many advantages. In the winter-spring period, the human body really needs vegetables, fruits. This is constantly repeated by nutritionists. Of course, it is advisable to eat fresh foods. But not everyone can afford it. And for some people (for example, with gastrointestinal diseases) raw fruits, vegetables in large quantities are contraindicated.

In the winter season, canned foods replace fresh fruits and vegetables
In such cases, canned food becomes an alternative to fresh food. Despite the widespread opinion, the latter still contain useful substances. Canned foods saturate the body with the following essential components.

During heat treatment, foods lose some of their vitamins. Therefore, if you compare canned food with fresh products, then the preference is, of course, given to the second. But if fresh vegetables, fruits are absent in the diet, then at least some of the vitamins can be obtained from canned food.

Canned legumes are a useful plant source of protein. Therefore, it is recommended to introduce beans, green peas into the diet. Moreover, the body assimilates canned products much better. Such legumes underwent thorough heat treatment, as a result of which they lost enzymes that impede the digestion of protein.

Doctors regularly remind you to eat fiber. It normalizes the digestive tract and prevents the development of many pathologies. Fiber, which is part of vegetables, fruits, is not destroyed during canning. At the same time, it becomes soft, due to which it acts less aggressively on the gastrointestinal tract (does not cause bloating, flatulence).

Therefore, canned food can be a good source of fiber, necessary for humans.

Most minerals (e.g. phosphorus, potassium, magnesium) are completely preserved during heat treatment. And this suggests that canned food is very useful for the body.

During heat treatment, beneficial properties do not disappear
The composition of fresh vegetables and fruits includes a special substance – protopectin. Under the influence of high temperatures, this component is transformed into pectin. The latter is considered a natural cleanser of the body. Pectin removes viruses, bacteria, eliminates heavy metal ions, eliminates radioactive components. Therefore, do not give up fruit and vegetable canned food.

It is noted that the level of antioxidants carotenoids and lycopene in canned food (peppers, tomatoes) is higher than in raw vegetables. Namely, these substances are able to slow down the aging process and protect against free radicals that provoke the growth of cancer cells.

Fatty acid
Canned fish is very useful for humans. They contain omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids that the body needs. Of course, the concentration of such components, compared to fresh sea fish or seafood, is lower. But if fresh produce cannot be included in food regularly, then canned fish will become an alternative that makes up for the lack of fatty acids.

The harm of canned foods
However, do not forget about the shortcomings of canned food. They can cause harm to the body, sometimes very significant. The danger of such products is as follows.

The danger of canning in the infection
Botulism risk
This is a serious and very dangerous infection.

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