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Why does genital herpes appear

There are diseases that are simply not accepted to speak out loud. They are ashamed to go to the doctor and live very uncomfortable. It is this pathology that is genital herpes. What kind of disease is this? Why does it arise? And can genital herpes not recur?

What is genital herpes?
The defeat of the genital organs with herpes simplex viruses (HSV), in which unaesthetic vesicles and painful sores appear on the mucosa, is called genital herpes in medicine. Pathology causes extremely negative sensations: burning, hyperemia, swelling of the affected tissues.

It is already impossible to completely get rid of the virus that once got into the body. But thanks to the correct treatment tactics, it will be possible to “euthanize” it. HSV can remain in a dormant state for years without manifesting itself. But under the influence of certain factors (usually a weakening of the immune system), herpes is able to wake up and activate. There is a relapse of the disease.

There are several types of herpes virus. Some of them cause damage to the nervous system. Others affect the skin, mucous membranes. The basis of genital forms of pathologies is the infection of the body of HSV types 1 and 2.
What does genital herpes look like?
Herpes, like many other pathologies, goes through several stages of development. And accordingly, on each of them he looks different. Therefore, it is better to consider all the signs in the context of development stages:

One of the symptoms of herpes is burning and itching.
The first symptoms of genital herpes are easy to notice. In the genital area, itching and slight redness appear. Then small small bubbles appear. They are filled with a cloudy liquid. Such a rash is localized in women in the perineum, on the inner surfaces of the thighs, in the anus. In this case, vesicles can also form on the internal organs (in the urethra, in the vagina). In men, the head or foreskin of the penis is more often affected, sometimes a rash appears in the urethra.
Rashes are accompanied by severe itching, burning. Affected areas are almost always hyperemic (red and swollen). If vesicles formed on the walls of the urethra, then when urinating, severe itching appears, and burning is intensified. Sometimes tingling worries.
After 5 days, and sometimes a week, the bubbles begin to burst. In their place, sores remain. These erosions cause severe pain.
Gradually, the mucosa is regenerated. Affected tissues are replaced by new ones. How long does genital herpes go through? It usually takes about 1-2 weeks to recover.
The rash in the genital area is accompanied by an increase in lymph nodes in the groin. In addition, a person may experience a fever. Often there are complaints of unexplained malaise, muscle pain, migraines.
How is genital herpes transmitted and who runs the risk of HSV
Herpes is a very insidious virus. It can enter the body and for a long time not appear in case of strong immunity. In this case, the person is a carrier of HSV and is able to infect other people.

Mostly herpes is transmitted sexually.
Transmission ways
HSV infection occurs in the following ways:

Vertical. It is also called generic. The child becomes infected during passage through the birth canal.
Airborne. Primary infection often occurs in childhood. Kids are in close contact with each other and still do not know how to strictly observe the rules of hygiene. Therefore, children can easily catch cold sores from carriers of the virus.
Autoinoculation (self-infection). Sometimes a person can transfer the infection from one part of the body to another (for example, cold sores from the face can easily affect the genitals).
Domestic. Non-observance of personal hygiene can lead to infection. But this is the rarest route of infection.
Sexual. Most often, genital herpes is transmitted through sexual contact (usually it is secondary infection).
Doctors believe that sex is quite possible with genital herpes, if the pathology does not recur. In case of activation of the virus, it is better to postpone intimacy for a period of remission. In order not to become infected with genital herpes, it is advisable to use a condom. Especially if sexual partners are changing.

When does herpes appear?
The virus, having penetrated the body, is permanently embedded in nerve cells. It can occur instantly, provoking all the symptoms described above. But sometimes HSV lurks and waits for suitable conditions.

During childbirth, infection can be transmitted to the baby.
Any weakening of the body can provoke its activation:

exacerbation of chronic diseases;
overwork and lack of sleep;
alcohol abuse
constant stress;
Sometimes women report that genital herpes appears every month. Most often this is due to the cycle. So, at the end of menstruation, progesterone production is enhanced. This can trigger herpes activation.

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