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Travel Tips: What Vaccinations to Do Before Traveling Abroad

Why vaccinations are needed when traveling abroad
Going on a trip, we think through the route, study the customs of the country, outline what sights to see. And often we think little about what diseases we may encounter in a distant land. This especially applies to countries in Africa, Asia, South America, where you can pick up an “exotic” infection.

Vaccinations before traveling will help protect yourself from serious diseases. You do not need to be afraid of them – the likelihood of complications from vaccination is much lower than the risk of getting the disease. Such infections are difficult because we don’t have immunity to them, they cause complications and may even end in death.

In order not to spoil your vacation and maintain health, do not be too lazy to find out in advance what vaccinations it is advisable to do before the trip. You can obtain this information from the consulate of the respective country.

Mandatory vaccinations
In some countries in Africa and South America, you simply will not be allowed if you have not been vaccinated against yellow fever. This is a mandatory vaccination, and you will be asked to present a vaccination certificate upon entry into the country. Moreover, without such a certificate you may not be allowed to go to other countries if you are returning from a place where there are cases of infection with this disease.

Mosquitoes carry yellow fever
Yellow fever is carried by mosquitoes, and getting infected is easy enough. But it proceeds very hard: chills, nausea, vomiting, photophobia, nervous exhaustion. The liver, kidneys, heart, brain are affected. Lethal outcome is also possible.

A list of countries with cases of this disease is published by WHO every year. But it is advisable to vaccinate against yellow fever before visiting other countries in Africa and Latin America.

Recommended Vaccinations
Here are diseases for which doctors recommend vaccinations for trips abroad.

Rabies. This vaccine is recommended for trips to Asia.

Typhoid fever. They are infected through water, products. The infection is easy to catch in any African, Asian (with the exception of highly developed Japan) and Latin American countries. Therefore, vaccination against typhoid fever will be quite out of place. This is especially true of India.

Hepatitis A. Doctors call it “dirty hands disease.” You can get infected through contaminated water and food. The risk of infection is very high in developing African and Asian countries.

Diphtheria and tetanus. In Russia, these vaccinations are included in the National vaccination calendar, and they are given to children without fail. But the vaccine is valid for 10 years, after which a person is defenseless against infection. Therefore, adults who have not been vaccinated in the past 10 years, it is advisable to get this vaccine when traveling to Africa, Asia, Latin America.

Tick-borne encephalitis. The encephalitis tick lives throughout Europe, as well as in Japan (Hokkaido Island) and in northern China. This serious infection can be infected in our country, so it is advisable to vaccinate against it even for those who just go to the forest for mushrooms and berries.

Meningococcal infection. Vaccination for this disease is part of the National Vaccination Calendar. But adults are advised to be vaccinated against this infection when traveling to countries in the Middle East.

Polio. Children are at greater risk of infection. But adults in areas where outbreaks of this infection are recorded can also get the infection by airborne droplets or through contaminated food. It is recommended to get vaccinated against polio when traveling to African and Asian countries, and especially to India.

Another infectious disease that can be infected in Asia and Africa is malaria. Malaria vaccines do not exist. However, for prophylaxis, you can take a course of anti-malarial tablets if there is a high risk of infection in the area in which you are gathered. In any case, you can take the drug only after consulting with your doctor.

The formation of immunity takes time, so vaccinations need to be done not on the last day, but in advance.
What vaccinations do before a trip to India
India is a beautiful and amazing country, but the epidemiological situation in it is very unfavorable.

There are many infections in India
The lack of a sewage system, heat, high humidity contribute to the spread of infections such as typhoid fever, amoebiasis, hepatitis A, poliomyelitis.

Malaria mosquitoes, which are especially dangerous in the rainy season, from June to September, also contribute.

When going to this country, it is advisable to get vaccinated from:

typhoid fever;
hepatitis A;
When planning a trip in the summer months, you can get malaria prophylaxis.

What vaccinations do before traveling to Africa
As already mentioned, a trip to many countries of the African continent requires a mandatory vaccination against yellow fever. But it will be useful in other African countries.

Along with this vaccine, it is also advisable to protect yourself by getting vaccinated against:

typhoid fever
hepatitis A and B;
tetanus and diphtheria;

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